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7th Biennial Afroeuropeans Network Conference



Thematic Line / Black Europe and its Intersections

    Afro-European Legacies Beyond Eurocentrism:  
    Expanding Black Atlantic Feminist Discourses  

Donna Young /

Janell Hobson /

Nicholas Jones /


Short abstract

This English-speaking panel centers black feminist thought in Afro-European legacies, made manifest through art, history, and the law. Integrating Paul Gilroy’s Black Atlantic with black feminist criticism, our panel will focus on how black women have been integral to the shaping of the laws of slavery and abolitionism, and the politics of memory.

Extended abstract

    Black Europe and its Intersections: Whose Black Europe?  

Monica Miller /

Nana Osei-Kofi /

Language for paper submission: English

Short abstract
Who is seen as being a part of what we today refer to as Black Europe; who is viewed as belonging under the umbrella of European Blackness? This panel aims to take up queer, feminist, and decolonial perspectives on the construction of Black Europe. We welcome country-specific as well as regionallyspecific papers that center questions of European Blackness in relation to identity, as well as culture.

Extended abstract

    Imagining and Performing Black Radical Politics: African and European Intersections in Germany  

Tiffany Florvil /
Vanessa Plumly /

Kevina King

Sara Pugach


Short abstract
This panel investigates the role of Black radical politics within the African Diaspora in Europe, particularly in Germany. Questions we seek to answer are: how do Black Germans and African diasporic individuals in Germany engender spaces in the majority white nation? How do they navigate their positionalities when placed outside of hegemonic frames that continuously other them as gendered, racialized, sexualized, and dehumanized subjects? What forms of resistance enable them to enact a sense of self that becomes recognizable and visible?

Extended abstract

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