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7th Biennial Afroeuropeans Network Conference



Thematic Line / Black Cities: Public Space, Racism, Urban Cultures and Segregation

    Cultural pratices of Afro-descendent and Black people in the peripheries of European metropolises  

Henrique Chaves /
Lucas Augusto da Silva /

Languages for paper submission: English and Portuguese

Short abstract

The aim of the panel is to discuss research results focusing on cultural expressions from black and Afro-descendent communities living in European metropolises, including artistic occupations of public space, organizations and events based on African traditions, as well as visual and / or musical expressions produced by its members.

Extended abstract

    Race, Citizenship and the Metropolis 

Jean Beaman /

Jennifer Anne Boittin /

Julie Kleinman /

Language for paper submission: English

Short abstract
This panel will think France’s particularities in relation to Europe’s overarching struggles with creating public urban spaces in which recently arrived as well as descendants of African and black diasporic migrants feel at home, as well as their experiences of these spaces.

Extended abstract

    Stranger in my City: Popular Cultural Form and the AfroEuropean Urban  

Polo Moji /

Language for paper submission: English

Short abstract
This panel will look at the kinds of sentiment invested in, or, associated with the embodied AfroEuropean urban experience. We invite papers which enter these discussions with a shared interest in thinking about the affective matrix of the AfroEuropean urban the re-specialization of cityscapes, as well as the practices place-making.

Extended abstract

    The Black's place in the city image:
    Afroeuropeans and urban representations in Europe.  

Elena Taviani /
Graça Índias Cordeiro /

Otávio Raposo /

Language for paper submission: English and Portuguese

Short abstract
In this session, we will investigate the visibility/invisibility and the inclusion/exclusion of African populations and people of African descent, within the physical and imaginary borders of Europeans cities with a colonial history. Focusing on both the material and immaterial aspects of the image construction, we will engage in debates concerned with the involvement of African populations and their descendants in current urban representations.

Extended abstract

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