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7th Biennial Afroeuropeans Network Conference



Thematic Line / Activisms, Resistances and Public Policy in late capitalist Europe

    Black women speak: resistance, power and activism  

Rosana Albuquerque /

Sónia Vaz Borges /

Languages for paper submission: English and Portuguese

Short abstract
The speeches and struggles of black women are expressions of citizen initiative that challenge and
question. We encourage activists and researchers to share speeches, resistances, powers and activism
of black women, countering the "danger of the single story", allowing us to recognize multiple ways of
narrating and living the worlds of world we all live.

Extended abstract

    Do you know we can kill people, and nothing happens? 

Collectif Afro-swiss /
Collectif Outrage /

Language for paper submission: English

Short abstract
What are the strategies of resistance and resilience that we can adopt to resist the racist police state?
This session aims at a transnational sharing of the experiences of European collectives. It is intended
for afrodescent and racialized collectives, associations and individuals wishing to share the strategies
of struggle and cooperation put in place in their different European contexts in response to police
violence and to create new ones.

Extended abstract

    Power and resistance in the hydra headed beast of the deportation regime 

Francesca Esposito /
Francesco Vacchiano /

Annika Lindberg

Mayaan Ravid

Alí Murtaza

Language for paper submission: English

Short abstract
National anxieties and border control spread as migration increases. People on the move, mostly from
the Global South, experience prolonged detention, deficient legal aid, substandard conditions and
overrepresentation in criminal justice systems. This roundtable focuses on the variegated forms of,
and the resistance against, the deportation regime.

Extended abstract

    The Border as a New Technology of Control and a Space of Subjectification:
    Representations in the Italian Public Discourse 

Gabriele Proglio,
Livia Apa /

Maria Mercone /

Languages for paper submission: English and Portuguese

Short abstract
The proposal frames the process of construction of the border’s political and social role and its
representations in the Italian public discourse. It is open to contribution on the sociopolitical, cultural
and artistic representations of borders; the role of the dispositifs of control of the public and private
space; and the production of subjectification.

Extended abstract

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